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December Development Meet

Sunday 10th December

Ainslie Park Leisure Centre

Warm up starts : 1600 for Wilkie and Smith Squads

Warm up starts : 1630 for Benson Squads.

Competition Starts: 1700

Expected finish time: 1930 (very dependent on the order of events and may finish before this time) 

Please check back here regularly as all times here may be changed by the meet organisers.


Please note that every swimmer must attend and report to the Team Manager or Coach at the entrance to the changing village before the START of the warm up time above. If a swimmer is running late and has not notified either the Team Manager or Coach, there is a risk of the swimmer being withdrawn from their swim to ensure the smooth running of the meet.

Swimmers have the opportunity to swim 3 events selected by their coach. Except new swimmers who on their first meet will be encouraged to compete on 4 x 50 swims one on each of the 4 strokes.

Development meets are staffed by volunteer parents - all new parents are encouraged to come and learn different roles and find out what they enjoy doing eg. computing, time keeping, marshaling swimmers.

Club Shop operates in the foyer - a chance to purchase club kit, usually a very popular home baking stall is also run in the foyer.

For withdrawals before the meet or information about entries please contact your squad coach.