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Our website is currently under construction and below is some general information.

WBC Masters has over 40 swimmers and the standard is quite broad with the better swimmers covering over 3000yds in a one hour session and the not so good swimmers doing about 2500yds. The sessions are quite varied using all the strokes over varying distances and times. The weekday sessions are coached and a structured session is provided for the Sunday session. There is also the opportunity to improve your technique under the guidance of our coach, Kostas Kalitsis.

We have an enthusiastic group of competitors within WBC Masters to encourage you if you wish to take part in Masters competitions, but it’s not compulsory and the majority of Masters come along for general swimming fitness.

Please come along for a free try out session and just walk straight into the pool, get changed and meet us on the poolside. You can also continue for a couple of weeks and pay per session before joining the club to make sure that it is what you want.


WBC Masters Sessions

Sunday - Warrender Swim Centre 16:30-17:45

Tuesday - Warrender Swim Centre 19:00-20:00

Wednesday - Warrender Swim Centre 20:15-21:30

Thursday – James Gillespie High School 19:00-20:30 

Friday – Ainslie Park Leisure Centre 19:00-20:30 


Warrender Swim Centre has a 5 lane 25 yard Victorian pool and is at 55 Thirlestane Road, EH9 1AP. James Gillespie High School has a 4 lane 25m deck level pool and is at Whitehouse Loan, EH9 1BD.

If you would like more information please contact the WBC Masters Convenor, This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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