Swimming Wellbeing & Protection Officer

Cindy English

Having grown up with a pool in my back garden in South Africa, swimming has always been an essential part of life for me. I have two boys swimming with Warrender at the moment. They started their club swimming in the Benson squads and are now swimming in National Boys and JAGS. I have enjoyed helping poolside as a timekeeper and am working towards becoming a Judge 1. I was asked to take on the role of Wellbeing & Protection Officer in May 2018. I am a qualified Educational Psychologist with 17 years experience.

Water Polo Wellbeing & Protection Officer

Fiona Kenney

Our family have had a connection with Warrender for over 25 years. My two boys started their Warrender careers as swimmers and are now enjoying playing water polo. My husband swims competitively with the Masters squad. I have always enjoyed helping out as a squad administrator, timekeeper and now as a Wellbeing & Protection Officer. I am currently involved in Children’s Services within the Edinburgh area


Wellbeing Policies

WBC Wellbeing and Protection Policy Statement

Wellbeing and protection Officer - Role Descriptor

Scottish Swimming Wellbeing and Protection Policy

Scottish Swimming Mobile Phone Policy

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